Monthly Archives: September 2010

And the hand of the Lord was with them…

Acts 11:21 “And the hand of the Lord was with them: and a great number believed, and turned unto the Lord.”

Having the Lord’s blessing or hand upon one’s life, work, ministry, or church is a humbling thing to think about. Most churches are known by certain characteristics: a great location, a beautiful facility, buy online acomplia a great preacher, outstanding programs, etc. Would it not be wonderful to be known for having upon us the hand of the Lord? To be honest isn’t that what really matters? Pleasing the Lord is not only the most important thing – IT IS “THE THING!” Our effectiveness, our existence as a scriptural assembly, and our eternal value (what matters most from an eternal perspective) are all dependent upon the Lord being pleased with us, taking notice of our labor (for Him), and being involved in it (His hand upon us). What is our motivation? May it not be driven by pleasing the crowds – BUT – by pleasing our Heavenly Father.

A Great Weekend of Service

We had a great weekend of ministry and we are thankful for the opportunities the Lord has given. On Saturday morning Bro. Tommy Normand, Bro. Jeff Powell, and myself helped at the new Juban Parc Jr. High School. We helped the football team with some team building acomplia buy online activities and were allowed to share some Biblical principles. I also had an opportunity to speak to the entire group at one time and tell them how important it is to have Christ as a part of their life. I was also given the opportunity to share some information about our church and teen group.

On Saturday afternoon, Heather, Madison, and I traveled to Picayune, MS where we met Heather’s family. We were invited by Pastor Tim Parker to minister at the First Baptist Church of McNeil, MS. This has become an annual event for us and has been truly a blessing for the entire family. Heather and her family sang in the morning and afternoon services. It is a joy for me to hear them sing together and my heart was greatly blessed. Bro. Mike preached the morning service. The Holy Spirit certainly did a work. Many responded throughout the services coming to the altar. I am thankful for the opportunity to again teach the adult Sunday School class and this year preached in the afternoon service.

The Book of Proverbs

I have enjoyed buy acomplia online my personal study the Book of Proverbs over the past six weeks. Last Sunday I began teaching on this subject in the ABC Sunday School class and have been looking at introductory materials pertaining to the wisdom of Solomon. This Sunday we looked at the differences in man’s, the world’s, and God’s wisdom. Next week we will look at Proverbs chapter 1 and cover the introduction given in the first several verses. Members of our class are encouraged to read one chapter of Proverbs each day.