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Book of Galatians: Outline

  1. PERSONAL: Grace and the Gospel (1-2)
  2. DOCTRINAL: Grace and the Law (3-4)
  3. PRACTICAL: Grace and the Christian Life (5-6)

Key Words: Gospel, Grace, Walk, and Spirit

Introduction: (1:1-10)

Paul’s Greeting
Paul’s Admonition Concerning the Gospel
Paul’s Disappointment

Paul’s Ministry: How Paul Received the Gospel  (1:11-24)

Directly from the Lord
Apart from the Apostles in Jerusalem (15-17)
Acknowledged by the Churches (18-24)

Paul’s Ministry: His Relationship w/ Jerusalem (2:1-21)

His Ministry was Approved by the Apostles (1-10)
His Ministry was Defended before Peter (11-21)

The Doctrine of Grace (3-4)

Paul’s Personal Argument (3:1-5)
Paul’s Scriptural Argument (3:6-14)
Paul’s Logical Argument (3:15-29)
Paul’s Dispensational Argument (4:1-11)
Paul’s Sentimental Argument (4:12-18)
Paul’s Allegorical Argument (4:19-31)

The Practice of Grace (5-6)

The Freedom of Grace (5:1-15)
The Spirit of Grace (5:16-26)
The Life of Grace (6:1-18)

Focused on Helping Others (6:1-10)
Focused on God’s Glory (6:11-18)

Book of Galatians Outline – PDF Copy