About Me

lamar and heddi 01Lamar Powell is married to the former Heather Adams.  They are business owners  involved in construction and health / fitness related ventures: The Flooring PRO, LLC, Baton Rouge Tile Setters, Xooma Life, and Determined To Be Fit.  We actively serve at Grace Baptist Church of Tickfaw, Louisiana.   Lamar is the father of six children and a grandfather with seven grandchildren. He dearly loves his family.

I love the Bible.  One of the greatest joys I know is being able to study God’s Word and share what I have learned.

Heather and I have a passion for helping people and have been involved in ministry for most of our lives.  We have served in several ministry areas including Church leadership, Bible and Christian education, student ministries, and missions.  Having experienced failure and victory in our personal, family, and ministry lives, we have a humble appreciation of God’s grace and mercy which is extended to others.

I love missions.  I have taken several international mission trips and am developing a support ministry to help missionaries and ministries.  My main focus is the Philippines and Mexico.  We are blessed to be able to sponsor and help several children around the world. 

My life’s verse is Proverbs 3:5-6.